Coffee accompaniments.

The trends of the market

  1. An established trend : pods.
    They represent 20% of the market (by value) in France and have enabled coffee quality and variety to grow.
  2. Consumers are increasingly becoming connoisseurs of 1 great coffee.
  3. In the HORECA sector, machine manufacturers are perfecting their products.
    Now everything is possible: Italian espresso, ristretto, macchiato and more!
  4. Baristas are leading the way in this new trend.
    New Latte Art or coffee air techniques add value and generate higher pro ts for establishments.

Our tips

  1. Promote your coffee
    68% of HORECA customers respond positively to accompaniments
  2. Polish your image
    Of those customers questioned, coffee accompaniments give the establishment an image of one that :
    - Cares about its customers (87%)*
    - Is re ned (79%)
    - Serves quality coffee (76%)*
    * % of customers questioned agreed with this statement
    (MONBANA HORECA Survey, May 2011)
  3. Capitalise on a good investment : chocolate
    - A chocolate square beside a coffee is the second top chocolate moment of pleasure (IPSOS OBSERVER survey, July 2010, cost and chocolate)
    - The 70% dark chocolate square, an essential product for over 30 years, is the top selling product in MONBANA stores