Monbana's world
of chocolate

Our fundamentals….

Ever since the company was founded, Chocolaterie MONBANA's evolution in chocolate-making has been based on five core fundamentals giving rise the brand's energy and excellence.

Our history…

Chocolaterie MONBANA's history started in 1934 with the manufacture of cocoa butter and powder.
1978: MONBANA created its first chocolate squares.

Our inventiveness…

Our wide range of original chocolates always has a little "special something" (tastes, textures, etc.) to continually surprise chocolate-lovers with new flavours and sensations.

Our diversity...

MONBANA has developed a range of products covering all aspects of chocolate enjoyment (drinking, eating, etc.). This has enabled us to sell both internationally and direct to the public in delicatessens and MONBANA boutiques.

Our values…

With our expertise, joie de vivre, creativity, generosity and love of confectionery, MONBANA has built a strong value base which reinforces our unique positioning.

Our Quality…

MONBANA has been voted one of the top French chocolate makers in 2013.

Chocolaterie MONBANA never stops developing.
The brand enjoys reinventing itself every day and this now shows in our identity, which communicates our calling better than ever before: providing sublime pleasure for every delicious experience. Our focus is resolutely centered on the customer and everyday pleasures.